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One-on-one coaching is tailored to individual situations. Discipline tools and encouragement techniques are shared with the parents. The sessions will explore the stages of a child’s growth, and discover how needs change over time.  Parenting skills for elementary age children, for parents of teens, single parents and blended families are all available.

Without discipline, children lack the tools necessary to navigate relationships and challenges in life such as:

  -  self-discipline

  -  respect for others

  -  the ability to cooperate with peers.

                                              Katherine Lee

Parent Talk Sessions -

Curriculum used in the "Parent Talk" sessions include:

  • Boundaries with Kids - Dr Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend
  •    Our focus is on how healthy boundaries grow healthy children.  We all need boundaries, adults as well as children.

Loving Solutions -

   A curriculum designed for parents of early elementary aged children.  It gives many practical examples of how to use discipline effectively. Each session is focused on the balance between love and control while setting clearly defined boundaries.

Parenting is Heart Work - National Center for Biblical Parenting

    Parenting is not just managing behavior.  To effectively raise children who have character, parents need to shape their heart as well.

Outside Resource People may be used in the sessions to bring focused experience regarding particular issues such as discipline in blended families or help for single parents as they balance their extended roles.  Resources from Ron Deal, a specialist on Step/blended families will also be used.

One-on-One Coaching is highly recommended.  Special emphasis is given to blended families and their specific needs.

Call 740-485-5408 for details.

Sessions are typically two hours in length and the number of sessions will vary with the needs of the parents. Fee is $10 per session.

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