Life Center

TouchPointe Family Life Center has grown out of the need for a positive alternative environment for men and women who desire change in their lives. The Life Center fosters a positive environment where creativity, fellowship and fun can take place in the midst of healthy relationships. In the midst of poverty, addiction and unhealthy relationships, we aim to provide a "new playground" with "new playmates."


TouchPointe Family Life Center is located at 120 S. Norton Street. Click here for directions.


Some of the programming at the Life Center would include.

Empowering Positive Behavior

Focusing on:

 Self reflection

 Emotional choices

 Forgiveness

 Healthy Relationships

 Accountability

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Achieving Self-Sufficiency

Empowering individuals to overcome barriers through:

 Community resources

 Classes

 One-on-one support

 Assistance in attaining gainful employment

 Positive peer relationships

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Please call or email for more information:

(740)-485- 5408

For directions to the Life Center building click here.


Getting Ahead


What is Getting Ahead?

 During the 8 week course, participants work in groups to investigate the impact of poverty in their lives and throughout the community.

 We meet twice a week for 2 1/2 hours each session.

 As an investigator, you learn about the “hidden rules” of class that can help you move toward a more sustainable future.

 All classes held at TouchPointe Life Center, 120 South Norton St, Mount Vernon, OH, 43050


Get Ahead!

 Use Getting Ahead to build your resources for a better future!

 Make a plan for what you want in life.

 Learn your own strengths and how to use them.

 Confront the barriers in your life and how you can rise above  them.

 Connect with others who can help you, and who you can help.

 Become a part of a group that has a voice in community issues.

No Excuses!

 There is no cost to attend the class. With good attendance and participation we will reward you with gift cards.

 All class materials are provided.

 Also, enjoy a meal, beverages, and new friendships!



Relational Healing


The Relational Healing resources are from the Bethesda Family Services Foundation in Lewisburg, PA.  The material used by TouchPointe has been adapted from the materials written by Dominic P. Herbst.  The materials are designed to help men and women heal emotional wounds.  The tendency is to treat the symptoms of a problem, but often the individual does not get to the “root cause” of the issue.  

The individual is asked to complete the Relational Healing Journal as they cover the material with a TouchPointe volunteer.  This program is typically one-on-one or with a very small group of men or small group of women.  It is usually about 8 – 1 ½ hour sessions over a two to three month period.

This is not a substitute for professional counseling.  TouchPointe volunteers will often make referrals to licensed counselors or therapists.



Please call or email for more information:

(740)-485- 5408

For directions to the Life Center building click here.